Meet the Andiamo Recording Studio Team


Peter Enslin - Director

Peter is a talented and qualified musician. With a background in classical and modern piano, he has worked extensively in theatre as a freelance music director, writing, scoring, band arrangements and colloborations with singers and other performing artists. While working, travelling the world and entertaining crowds on cruise liners for many years, Peter amassed a huge musical repertoire as a cocktail pianist and keyboard player in show bands. Film and theatre critic, Billy Suter described him as “Durban’s most animated, vibrant pianist and musical director. He is a perfectionist, whose eye (and ‘ear!’) for detail will turn even the most basic recording into a masterpiece.”


Marciano Monjane - Sound Engineer; Producer

You won’t find a more versatile and experienced asset to a studio than Marciano! He specialises in Pro Tools, Logic, Sonar, Cubase and others. Equally enthusiastic about voice overs, recording a KZNPO Philharmonic concert, live or studio recordings. His band has recorded at Peter Gabriel’s studio, toured Europe and even built a 20,000 watt PA system.


Tim Wells - Voice Artist; Associate

Since the early 90s, Tim Wells has been an accomplished actor and singer-songwriter. He is also widely known for his leading roles in professional theatre productions, of drama and musical genres. Wells also established his career as a singer, presenter and specialist voice artist for countless audio visuals and commercials. Adding to his incredible achievements, he has done international voice recordings and narrated productions for both broadcast and corporate use in the United Kingdom, United States and for the acclaimed National Geographic show. The voice of Tim Wells can be heard across the board nationally in various songs, broadcast ads and many other audio applications such as ‘on hold telephone’, in store messaging, USA computer games etc. Wells has his own recording studio in the UK and collaborates regularly with Andiamo Recording.



Professional copywriting and editing services are among our many business offerings. At Andiamo Recording, we pride ourselves in giving you the highest quality assistance and  best customer experience, from inception to finality. Trust us to apply leading Content Management Strategies, Prime Scripting, Campaign Shaping and effective copy, to impact your brand communication. We understand the value of excellent copywriting, so our team of highly skilled media members never fail to offer advertising guidance, creating attractive brand awareness every time.

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